Boat Tours Madeira

A boat trip to the Desertas Islands, which are part of a sub-archipelago of Madeira.

They are classified as a Nature Reserve and are a nesting point for several species of seabirds unique to this region of the Atlantic.

It’s a memorable trip that takes us back to the age of discovery, with the mystique of true navigators encountering the unknown.

The Desertas Islands are divided into three: Ilhéu Chão, Deserta Grande and Bugio.

Our adventure will take us to Deserta Grande, accompanied by the sea creatures that abound in this part of the Atlantic.

It’s an 8-hour trip, with lunch on board included. When we reach our destination, we anchor in the bay of Deserta Grande and disembark for a short tour of the island.

This tour includes a visit to the home of the Madeira Natural Park, where we learn about its history and the development of the Nature Reserve.

Back on the boat, the “navigators” can dive in and enjoy the sea which holds a surprise: a rather curious and lovable animal – our Monk Seal. This marine creature, which lives in a colony in the Nature Reserve, offers unparalleled moments with living nature.

Then it’s time for a meal and a new adventure back to Funchal.

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