InvestMadeira International Mission from Embassy Agência de Notícias

Entrepreneurs visit the capital to present business opportunities on the island

A mission of businesspeople led by the government development and internationalization agency InvestMadeira, from Madeira Island, Portugal, will be in Brasilia next week, from December 4 to 6, to present business opportunities and partnerships to entrepreneurs from Brasilia. “We want to put Madeira Island on the map of Brazil and in the hearts of Brasilians,” explains Filipa Ferreira, executive director of InvestMadeira. The initiative has been named the InvestMadeira Brasília 2023 Business Mission. “This will be the first of many contacts between Madeira and the capital of Brazil,” says Filipa.

A group of Madeiran businesspeople is part of the delegation. There will be a Breakfast with businesspeople on Tuesday and an event organized by Creci-DF on Wednesday. The agenda also includes meetings on market internationalization with the board of Ademi-DF, with the president of the Cofeci-Creci system, João Teodoro, and with the president of the Brazil-Portugal Central-West Chamber of Commerce, Fernando Brites.

“International exchange is essential for the real estate market,” said João Teodoro, president of the Cofeci-Creci system. “It’s a meeting of great interest to our members, bringing prospects for new business and relevant partnerships for the Federal District,” adds Roberto Botelho, president of Ademi-DF.


Madeira Island is the most awarded island tourist destination in the world. Among other accolades, it received the awards for Best Island Destination in the World and Best Island Destination in Europe in 2023. “We are a business hub, with access to a market of 500 million consumers, which is the European Union,” adds Eliane Ribeiro, one of the mission coordinators. Madeira receives the world’s main cruise ships, has direct air links with more than 20 countries and a year-round tourist season, thanks to its mild temperatures, its hotel park, wines and the tradition of the tourist and real estate segment. In Brasilia, the InvestMadeira Brasilia 2023 Business Mission is being coordinated by Kátia Cubel, director of Engenho Comunicação.

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